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Safair conducts specialized operations in some of the world’s most demanding environments tackling some of the toughest assignments; we are able to achieve this through years of experience and our diverse specialist aviation skills.

Excellence is at the Heart of all that we do

Safair's dedication to excellence has been fostered by our years of expertise and experience in providing leasing, maintenance, special operations, chartering and training services. All of our staff, from pilots and crew to leasing professionals and maintenance technicians, understand the importance of ensuring that our passion for excellence is built in to everything we do on behalf of our customers.

Service and Comfort

We ensure that all of our services are closely aligned by promoting collaboration and cross-training within Safair at every appropriate opportunity. This culture enables us to apply our complete skill set to solving each and every challenge, and means that our customers have easy access to the full depth and breadth of our resources. At Safair we possess the ability to operate in some of the toughest environments while also offering the best service to our customers.

Our Services

Safair Operations is geared for the provision of short, medium and long term contracts. Safair's reference to value added leasing is applicable to ACMI, "wet" and "dry" lease contracts, customized to include innovative air transport solutions, including but not limited to:


  • Full Charter Operations

  • Wet lease / ACMI Services

  • Specialised operations with the Hercules L100-30 includes the following missions:


  • Flights to Antarctica in support of Governmental agencies and Scientific communities

  • Humanitarian  and Aid and Relief operations ( Airdrops / Airlift )

  • Transportation of Live Animals, including Black Rhino

  • Search and rescue missions 

  • Transportation of abnormal loads including Helicopters, Sea Containers etc.

  • Bulk Fuel transportation in our custom designed and SACAA approved fuel tanks (Jet A1 and Diesel)

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